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...Exceeding All Expectations of Excellence

Phase One!

It all starts with the idea...

      To get RumbaTek off the ground, we turned to our chief "idea men," Skyler McBride, senior vice president of sales, and Griffin Burnett, senior vice president of distribution. They were given only the broadest of directives: come up with something outstanding and excellent, and call it RumbaTek. And that's when Skyler and Griffen went to work brainstorming, envisioning, and also thinking.

      Skyler and Griffen "ideated" for several hours, but came up empty. So the following Tuesday, they thought some more. Still, nothing. Then, the following Thursday, they thought for over an hour, and finally, it was Griffen who came up with the idea to call the new idea "RumbaTek."

"I couldn't believe I came up with it!" said Griffen. "Pow! It just happened. Like, pow!"

And suddenly, an idea was born...

Then the R&D engineers and technicians discussed the idea a lot...

Great ideas are super! But will they work? Or will they break a lot and not do what they're supposed to? That's what the R&D engineers and technicians tried to find out when they spent weeks discussing every detail of the RumbaTek idea. What they discovered was that RumbaTek was fantastic. Said Chief Enginer, Randy Dawson, "Everything about RumbaTek is fantastic. I give it two thumbs up!"

Next, skilled lab technicians tested and retested prototypes...

RumbaFlex uses highly skilled lab technicians whenever possible. With RumbaTek, we've used a lot of them. They tested everything from brackets to boots, from filters to fuses, and from pads to putty. And even more! Then, once they tested all these things, they tested them again and looked for other things! Because if just one socket or jig is not right, then RumbaTek will not exceed your expectations of excellence!

     Of course, mistakes were made. When testing any technology or apparatus as complex and outstanding as RumbaTek, there will be minor glitches. That is part of the testing process, and of the retesting.

But with RumbaTek, we rebuilt and moved forward boldly, briskly. As Thomas Edison once famously said, "Two plus two may equal four, but that doesn't mean you can't add other things, too!"

    Everybody gives RumbaTek two thumbs up! Which is super!

Why? Because of all the testing!

Testing and testing every unit! Every part and accessory is guaranteed double-tested for exceptional tube and bristle intake, with fluted tasking "pies" equal to or exceeding minimum ferrous neutrino standards of both Utah and Iowa. And some of the standards in Mexico, too. But not any standards in Tampa.

RumbaTek engineers gave RumbaTek an enthusiastic thumbs up!

When all the testing and retesting was finished, the RumbaTek engineers gave RumbaTek an enthusiastic "thumbs up!" Even though they only gave it one "thumb up," what they really meant was an enthusiastic two "thumbs up!" Especially Hoyt Grimes, Assistant Manager of Reamer Control, who said, "Oh, I'd give it five thumbs up if I had that many thumbs!"

So now it's off to begin Phase II, which is very exciting! Because Phase II is the next phase, and will be the first time that we will begin to introduce the idea of RumbaTek to real people. The slogan of Phase II is, "Hi! Meet RumbaTek!" We're sure that real people will give RumbaTek a "thumbs up," too!

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