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...Exceeding All Expectations of Excellence

New Nigerian Facility Called "Dynamic!"

     Dynamic! World-Class! Super! Brisk!

These are just some of the words Chikelu Faraji used to describe the new RumbaFlex manufacturing facility in Abuja, Nigeria. Dressed in a silk turquoise dashiki and his signature red igbo ozo cap, Abuja praised the "magnificent" cooperation between his organization, Eddie's Luggage Rack, and the RumbaFlex transition team to create the Nigeria operation. "The cooperation was magnificent!" he said. "Very, very magnificent." Then he handed out small ziplock sacks of marbles to everyone.

Frank Hooper, president and CEO of RumbaFlex, was in Nigeria at the time of the ribbon-cutting ceremony, but was unable to attend. Later contacted for comment, Hooper was quick to echo Mr. Faraji's sentiments. "I completely agree with Mr. Fraji," he said. "Excellence has no borders,

and neither does Nairobi." Contrary to what was reported in local industry news, Mr. Hooper was not confusing Nairobi with Nigeria. "Of course not," he insisted. "That's like saying Namibia, when you mean Minnesota!" Hooper was also very excited to receive his small ziplock sack of marbles.

The future seems very bright for the new Nigeria manufacturing facility. Most of the luggage-making equipment has either been converted to RumbaFlex equipment, or sold to other Nigerian luggage-making companies. "We're all going to wear orange jumpsuits," said Mr. Faraji. "Not blue."

The first run of product is expected to begin rolling off the line by mid-2018, which by then should include very little luggage. This is why we say, "Welcome to the RumbaFlex family, Nigeria!"

Initial Test Runs Have Promising Results!

     As the Nigerian luggage-making equipment is converted to RumbaFlex product-making equipment, local engineers have been conducting extensive test runs to gauge the equipment's efficiency, value, and reliability. Initial runs indicate that the equipment is very efficient, valuable, and reliable. Engineers Dada Kojo and Nuru 

Tuma recently conducted a test converting canvas garment bags into monkey wrenches. Though the results were less than optimal, they were well within company quality parameters. "They aren't really monkey wrenches," Tuma said. "But they're not really garment bags anymore, either."

That's what we call progress!

Employee Training is Priority ONE!

At RumbaFlex, our most valuable asset is our employees! That's why we train them. Each employee goes through the exhaustive Rumbaflex training program called R.E.L.I.S.H. (RumbaFlex Employees Learning Important Training Information). This 74-step program not only emphasizes best practices, but also teaches the best way to maximize

optimal manufacturing techniques. Most training includes pulleys and drills. and some food. "I like use(ing) the drills," said Padma Kakalutu, as she drilled a hole. "I make holes out of anything." Since so many RumbaFlex products have holes, Padma has a bright future with RumbaFlex. "No holes made by me better," she said. We agree, Padma!

"I like RumbaFlex," said Toji Bwakli (pictured left). "I've never built a computer before." Toji is super, but wait until he gets to use the new break room juicer (pictured right) that was just delivered to the Abuja break room. Then he'll REALLY like RumbaFlex!

President and CEO of RumbaFlex wasn't available for comment, but if he was I'm sure he'd say, "Welcome, Toji!"