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...Exceeding All Expectations of Excellence

Flagstaff Plant delivers first ChitChat 6200 Walkie Talkie to Tucson Family.

Finally! After seven years of feature enhancements and technology improvements, the Flagstaff Production Plant has delivered the first of two ChitChat 6200 walkie talkies to an excited Tucson family. The second is scheduled to be delivered sometime in early 2019. It's headset was delivered on a separate truck.

"My son's 14 now and doesn't really want it anymore," said Antonio Riggs, father of the original customer. "And it's kinda' big." But once Mr. Riggs saw the advanced cooling system, and all the convenient handles, he changed his mind. "Okay, leave it on the street," he said. Then he mowed his lawn.

The ChitChat series of walkie talkies features up to 4 channels, with a range of over 600 feet. Each unit comes with a 40-foot power chord, a belt clip, and four canvas tote bags.

Midwest Region III Shim and Plunger Distribution Center Opens in Rapid City.

"Shims! Plungers! Shims! Plungers!" This was the chant of employees at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new Midwest Region III Shim & Plunger Distribution Center. "We're so excited, and everybody's so fired up that they're thrilled," said Joyce Cowgill, interim branch manager, as she held the giant scissors. "Finally, customers don't have to go through Central Distribution to get their shims and plungers!"

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, employees enjoyed a potluck buffet and some bourbon. 

RotoMax Malfunction and Michigan Home Explosion Considered Unrelated.

RumbaFlex internal investigators have concluded that the recent explosion at a Saginaw, Michigan home was in no way related to the sudden torque overload experienced by a RotoMax 300 being used in the house at the time. Though the two incidents happened nearly simultaneously, Chief Investigator Dale Camacho insists there is not a shred of evidence to connect the two. "There's not a shred of evidence," Dale said. "Not even a shred."

The homeowner was unavailable for comment.

Current RotoMax users are encouraged, as always, to use reasonable caution when operating the precision-engineered device, especially when employing the ProctoFlush attachment. "Other than that," says Dale, "full speed ahead!"

Thanks, Dale!

New Performance Review Process a Hit!

The good folks in Human Resources have scored a home run and a touchdown all at once! The employees spoke and they listened, revamping the performance review process and making it up to 100% better.

New evaluation categories have been added allowing supervisors to provide a more complete performance profile. These include "Teamwork," "Attention Span," "Height," "Loyalty, "Guilt," and others, including one "Grab Bag" category left completely up to the discretion of the supervisor.

"These new categories are awesome," said Webb Hicks, Assistant Senior Procurement Manager of the weekend tube and can shift, in Rapid City, South Dakota. "I can say what I want now, even if other people don't like it!"

Under the new system, employees are no longer ranked by number, but with a wide variety of emojis. And to that, we say: Smiley Face!

Springfield Office Hires Judy Olson, New Dispatcher 

"We are very lucky to get Judy," said Shan Hawkins, manager of the Springfield Distribution Center. "She's the most exciting dispatcher that me and Clyde have ever seen."

Once you see Judy Olson at work, you'll know what Shan and Clyde mean. Known for using many telephone headsets at once (really!), Judy is able to dispatch any size load both rapidly and simultaneously. She is not technically "multi-lingual," but she can often communicate with Mexicans or French people by changing her accent. "One time I saw her eat a burrito and smoke a cigarette while she dispatched five loads of steam couplings," said Hawkins. "You should see it. And she can juggle."

The RumbaFlex family is very glad to have Judy as its newest member. Welcome Judy! And keep that exciting dispatching going!

Clutch Pulleys Now Much More Robust!

If you're like Chester Floyd, there's hardly anything you hate worse than a wimpy clutch pulley. "I hate wimpy clutch pulleys," he said recently. Chester works third shift on Chasis Line 4, and he knows clutch pulleys. He works with clutch pulleys a lot!

That's why Chester is very glad the new GripChuk IV clutch pulleys are much more robust than the III Series. Click on the above image and you'll see why. When asked why the new clutch pulleys were better, Chester said, "They're much more robust."

You're right, Chester! 

Presidents' Day Picnic Flooded Out, "Too Wet."

The annual Presidents' Day Picnic has been cancelled this year due to "excessive flooding," which has made the Gorman Park grounds too wet for eating a picnic or sandwiches. Corey Williams, chairperson of this year's picnic, said, "We'll have another picnic, sometime." He followed up by saying, "Please bring any flatware and unused sponges to my cubicle by 2:00 this afternoon, so I can give them back to the Waffle House." That was last Thursday. Stay tuned for any more picnics.

New Shipping Labels Considered "Probable."

Skyler McBride, senior vice president of sales, and Griffin Burnett, senior vice president of distribution, spent most of last week brainstorming possible changes to RumbaFlex shipping label design and were very pleased to announce that changes to the design were "probable." As usual, Skyler and Griffin were tight lipped about any specifics, but when pressured in the cafeteria yogurt bar, Griffin hinted that "you might want to be on the lookout for a little more red in this year." Skyler, on the other hand, refused additional comment. Go Skyler and Griffin!

New Frank Hooper book, "Excellence and also Outstanding," released to colossal and sizzling praise!

Frank Hooper, dynamic president and CEO of RumbaFlex Industries, Inc., sets the world of excellence and innovation ablaze with the release of his latest book, Excellence and also Outstanding: Achieving excellence while being outstanding at the same time! Critics are raving and some companies around the globe are rethinking the way they do business in light of Frank's cutting-edge ideas and luminous ingenuity.

"Today's business is vigorous and stunning," says Frank. "If you don't change with it, you'll become fragmented and boneless. Then before you know it, your product will go the way of the corn niblet." Frank's intrepid insights provide answers for any sized business, from the mammoth multi-national corporation to the tiny mom-and-pop salsa hut. "Innovation has no borders or size," Frank says. "Even the biggest ideas can fit into a sponge. Or even a fish."

As innovative and revolutionary as the ideas in Frank's book are, they're also stupendous and fully "totable." Excellence and also Outstanding is certainly a book you'll want to add to your Frank Hooper collection.

For a full review and excerpts

click the button below.

Click here for full book review and excerpts

Clive Brimball leaves Amarillo office to "pursue other opportunities."

"We're sorry to see him go," said RumbaFlex CEO, Frank Hooper, at Brimball's going-away auction, "but we're very excited about his new opportunities." Mr. Hooper went on to say, "Though Clive was here for only eleven days, his contributions will have an impact for years to come."

Brimball got off to a fast start during his early tenure with the company, personally restocking the first-floor snack machines, and declaring every other Thursday "Baggy Pants Day." But Clive will agree that his efforts soon bogged down. "I just couldn't adapt to the culture. I'm kind of a rebel, I guess."

During his final days with RumbaFlex, Brimball's attempts to introduce more of a "rodeo atmosphere" to the loading docks were poorly received. "Some people said it was stupid," he commented. "But I say 'stupid like a fox.'"

We all wish Clive the best as he pursues other opportunities. In the interim, he has accepted a maintenance position at the Ponderosa Steakhouse, on State Route 16. Be sure to stop by and say "Hi, Clive!" 

Clive Brimball plans to "revolutionize" warehouse systems in Amarillo.

Clive Brimball is no stranger to innovation. "I've been innovating most my life," he said recently. "I think innovation is essential," he also said.

As 17-year assistant manager for Prima's Pizza, in Portland, Maine, it was Clive who first introduced whole-wheat bread sticks with cheese in them. "People loved them," he recently said. "And they like the cheese in them, too."

Clive was right. Whole-wheat bread sticks with cheese in them became Prima's fourth-best-selling item in 2015. "I was very proud of that," he recently said. "And two of the items that beat the bread sticks were things on the salad bar, so they don't really count."

Clive promises to bring that same innovation to the warehouse systems in the Amarillo branch office. "I'm going to innovate a lot," he said recently. "I think innovation is essential, so I'm going to do it." He promises to "revolutionize" everything. "I'm going to revolutionize everything," he said recently.

Just how will Clive "revolutionize" the Amarillo warehouse systems? He's not talking. But you can bet it will involve innovation.

 New Tie Rack Suffers "Minor Setback" in Wichita 

"Everything was going good until Eddie plugged it in," said Cleo Guzman, head of R&D at the Wichita assembly plant. "Soon as he did, those ties went up like Roman candles."

According to Guzman, the problem probably stems from the decision to send live current into the tie hooks, and not just into the belt-drive motor. "There's too much heat," he said. "Way too much heat."

As a cost-cutting measure, engineers had adapted the 60hp engine from the Pulverizer Plus line of commercial turf aerators. But the enhanced power created extreme friction and dangerously fast tie-rack rotation. "No way you could grab a tie, they were going by too fast."

The good news is that Guzman thinks the Wichita team will have the problem fixed in time for Christmas shipment. "We'll fix it for sure. Propane's a lot easier to work with than coal."

It sure is, Cleo!  

"Shanks A'Plenty" Play for Akron Quality Control Lunch!

One of Akron's favorite party bands, Shanks A'Plenty, recently played an exciting show for the 2nd-shift Quality Control team at the Akron Assembly Plant. For nearly 20 minutes the "Shanks" cranked out classic rock hits like "Enter Sandman" and "There's Got To Be A Morning After." One Quality Control Team member was overheard saying, "This is great!"

After the show, the band stayed to chat with the employees and have some kabobs. 

Longview Office takes the "Green Hat" in Corporate "Sales Masters" Golf Tournament!

"We knew we'd win!" shouted Ed Cook as he sunk his put on the 18th green at BayVista Golf and Supper Club, in Panama City, Florida, last week. Ed and his Longview, Texas team shot a 97 for the day, and were awarded the ceremonial "Green Hat" (it's like the Green Jacket at the Masters, except it's a hat).

After the tournament, all 28 teams sat down to a crazy luau filled with sweet-and-sour pork, fire jugglers, and some tea. Or shooters. Our fearless leader, Frank Hooper, awarded the hats and also gave one of his funny speeches where he wears a hat, too. Then everybody got tote bags filled with logo'd goodies.

"It was a great day," said Ed. "I'll never forget it."

Neither will we, Ed!

New Cup Holder Assembly Ready for Market!

Seven years of hard work and exciting innovation have finally paid off! The new cup holder assembly for the RumbaFlex 5000 series is ready to go to market, and will be packaged with all RJX tanning units shipped to the central southwest, sales region six, beginning in April. As project manager, Stan Hodges (seen above) said, "We struggled with being able to hold different sizes of cups, which is a hard thing, if you think about it."

Stan and his team came up with an innovative "adjustable" cam shaft system that can accommodate cup sizes ranging from small paper cups, to 80-gallon steel drums, and even more! "It doesn't hold straws, though," said Stan.

That's okay, Stan! What's next? 

First Window Unit AC Arrives at Macon Sales Office

Folks at our Macon Sales Office (MSO) were extremely excited last Friday when the first of 17 window air conditioning unites arrived at their location. "This is great!" said Tammy Mendez, Assistant Branch Distribution Associate.

For several years, Branch Manager, Ray Hoffman, has been requesting the units because of what he described as the "heat." As part of the overall RumbaFlex Facilities Efficiency Initiative (RFEI), management was eager to use RumbaFlex's own new window units, the "ExecuCool Series." Development took longer than expected due to unexpected weight issues, which were solved by adding additional "strut supports."

But all is well now that the first unit has arrived. As Hoffman put it, "It's a lot bigger than I expected, but we'll just set it up in the parking lot and open the office door. It'll be great, and cool great, too."

Way to go, Ray!

Frank Hooper breaks ground on new Ogallala, Nebraska, orbital duct facility.

"A lot of people don't think orbital ducts are important and critical," Frank Hooper said at the opening ceremonies of the new Ogallala, Nebraska, orbital duct fabrication plant. "But they're wrong. Orbital ducts are very important and critical!" Mr. Hooper then dug a ceremonial scoop of dirt and threw it at the window of the new facility.

The new facility was recently a fudge retailer whose funding was lost due to an unfortunate fudge incident. Most of the fudge-making equipment has been converted into orbital duct-making equipment. "This new Nebraska facility will extend our orbital duct market reach far beyond the southern Wichita area, where we have a 9% share, already." Mr. Hooper, President and CEO of RumbaFlex Industries then had some bourbon. He gave other people bourbon, too, and a small sack of marbles to commemorate the historic occasion.

Clive Brimball files wrongful termination suit against Amarillo warehouse.

Citing "irreconcilable differences," former Amarillo Warehouse Systems Manager, Clive Brimball, has filed a wrongful termination suit in Randall County, Texas. "They knew I wouldn't do a good job when they hired me, and they did it anyway," Brimball said. "Then when I didn't do good -- like they knew I wouldn't -- they fired me." Brimball also disputed RumbaFlex claims he had tried to create a rodeo atmosphere. "What does that even mean?" he said. "I hate rodeos."

Sierra Whitehead, human resources director in Amarillo, flatly rejected Brimball's claims. "First of all, 'irreconcilable differences' is not grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit."

Then she added, "But he's right about one thing, one look at him and we should have known he was going to do a lousy job. I mean, look at him."

The claim goes in front of the honorable Judge Vernice Balgobin, Southern District of Texas, next month. Judge Balgobin is known for throwing the book at people who look like Brimball. 

Tests Successful on Exciting New "Ora-Bake" Thermal Tooth Brush!

If the R&D folks at the Evansville, Kentucky Product Development Annex have anything to say about it, toothpaste will soon be a thing of the past! That's right. Recent tests prove that the new Ora-Bake Thermal Tooth Brush not only cleans teeth and kills a remarkable 100% of all living organisms in the mouth, it also appears to be efficacious in removing a host of lesions and sores.

"We call it the 'cauterizing' effect," said Assistant Research Manager, Belinda Ritter. "There appears to be direct correlation between the level of heat and the sanitizing potency."

Research Manager, Rodney Kaiser, who conducted the tests, appeared content to let the results speak for themselves. Pressed for a

statement, Kaiser scribbled a note on the back of a box of gauze, seeming to list his favorite types of relish.

Congratulations, Rodney!

Durango 3rd-Shift Assembly Team Takes Party Bus to Product Training Workshop.

Who says product training can't be fun? Certainly not the 3rd-Shift Assembly Team at the Durango Die Cutting and Extrusion Plant in Durango, Colorado.

   Randy Zimmerman, break-out session leader for the training session told us, "They didn't get that drunk, and they had some great input!" During the bag machine exam at the end of the session, nobody passed out or got sick at all, and most of them did a great job bagging.

So that's why we say, "Party on Durango 3rd Shift Assembly Team!"

Tucson Branch Expands All-You-Can-Eat Lunch Buffet.

The Tucson branch office has dramatically expanded its food selection at the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet of its tool and die facility, adding such creative favorites as slaw kabobs, glazed olive swirls, sausage curls, malted chive pockets, a stir-fried ham medley, and much more!

Ed Rayburn, 2nd shift lathe operator, said his favorite thing to do is to "try a little bit of everything." In fact, Ed often goes back for seconds. "The plates aren't big enough," he commented. When we caught up with Ed, he was having his third helping of ham medley. "It's so good," he said. "Sometimes I put syrup on it and eat it for breakfast."

Branch manager, Cody Sanchez, said he hopes other branches will follow his lead. "We don't want our employees having to go out to fancy lunch restaurants like Applebee's or Zaxby's. We want them to stay right here and eat all they want, or more if they're really hungry."

With savory items like deviled pork buns and tuna fritters, we don't think Cody has too much to worry about!

Jim Beasley Enjoys Clowns at his Retirement Party!

During his 26 years of faithful service in purchasing, Jim Beasley always liked to "clown around." He enjoyed being the jokester of the department, often wearing funny hats, or putting fake fruit in the break room. So it was no surprise that his retirement party last week featured plenty of clowns.

The highlight of the party was when Jim and "Dongo" the clown performed a really funny skit about purchasing, and the important role it plays at RumbaFlex. Dongo was hilarious, and so was Jim, as usual.

"This is the best retirement party I've ever been to!" exclaimed Jim. "Thanks to Dongo!"

Thank you Dongo! And thank you Jim, for your dedicated service!

Powell, Hayes Win Regional Sales Awards!

It's official! The winners of this year's sales contest are Corey Powell and Clyde Hayes. For Hayes, this is his third award in a row. "It feels great," he said.

      As always, sales totals were calculated on total weight of products sold. Powell had a personal best this year of 6,248 pounds; Hayes nearly reached last year's record of 8,893 pounds. Clyde said the secret is "to sell a lot of the heaviest products." Corey agreed, adding that "a lot of rookie sales associates sell some of the lighter items, things like gaskets and towels. I don't do that."

Super advice, Clyde and Corey! We hope some of our new sales associates follow this exciting advice!