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...Exceeding All Expectations of Excellence

Customer Mail

At RumbaFlex, we care what you think! That's why I not only read all our mail, but I open it promptly! That's also why I will do my best not only to answer your questions and satisfy your needs, but to exceed all your expectations and be prompt and responsive! Even if I think your letter is stupid or weird, I will post it and respond to it. So, feel free to send any mail to your local RumbaFlex branch, and they will forward it to me. 

If I don't get back to you soon, it's probably because I'm busy delivering value and performance to another loyal Rumbaflex customer, or someone else. But I won't forget you, and will reply at my earliest convenience. Your input is super valuable to us!

Thank you very much!

Frank Hooper

President & CEO

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