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...Exceeding All Expectations of Excellence


National Headquarters

RumbaFlex National Headquarters, located just south on State Route 9, and nestled in the thriving pines and glistening meadows of the eastern foothills, is the epicenter of the growth that is the future of RumbaFlex. Nestled in wide-open plains of milo and pecan bushes, with nearby lakes, the core facilities of the factories and all other operations are there. And they are thriving!

State-of-the-art processes and machinery greet all visitors, who are all struck by both efficiency, vibrancy, and burgeoning innovation that is not only on the production floor, but also in every cubicle and loading dock.

One look and you'll know that this is the RumbaFlex National Headquarters! And you'll see expectations of excellence being exceeded! 


Pins & Spacers Division

The Pensacola Pins & Spacers Division, located in beautiful Pensacola, Florida, is the world's fifth largest, state-licensed, fully-automated, climate-controlled pins & spacers division in the world. Featuring sixteen aisles of pins, and eight aisles of spacers, the facility is both efficient and punctual. Ginny, the assistant manager of inventory management, believes that "all parts are important, and should be treated that way." Ginny's right, and you can see it in the organization not only of the really big shelves, but also in the break room, and the area around the copier. Way to go Ginny!  

Pueblo Linear Guide Systems & Shafts & Cams Division

The Pueblo Linear Guide Systems & Shafts & Cams Division headquarters is a modern, three-room complex of rooms and some closets that house most of Pueblos's Linear Guide Systems, Shafts, and Cams. We are proud to offer direct shipping, volume packaging, and decorative pewter belt buckles with state slogans on them. The state slogans are hand painted in a variety of colors, and are actual state slogans. The shafts and cams don't have state slogans on them. Neither do the linear guide systems. But the belt buckles do have state slogans. And they're hand painted.