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...Exceeding All Expectations of Excellence

Outstanding New Partnership in Mumbai!

With the quick snip of a shiny red ribbon, Manoj Ganesh officially opened the first RumbaFlex manufacturing partnership outside the North American Continent. "Excellence has no borders!" shouted Ganesh. His brother-in-law, Yash, who was also there, shouted the same thing. "Excellence has no borders!"

Under the new arrangement, RumbaFlex is partnering with three excellent manufacturing operations, which will not only allow for immediate production, but is also outstanding. The facilities are located in the Maharashtra corridor along Mumbai's coast, and will eventually employ somewhere between seven and eight employees.

Frank Hooper, President and CEO of RumbaFlex, who was in Mumbai, but unable to attend the ceremonies, said, "We're very excited about this exciting new facility, which is part of a fantastic strategy to expand Rumbaflex manufacturing capabilities around the globe." He then shouted, "Excellence has no borders!!"

Welcome to the R‚ÄčumbaFlex team!

The new line of RumbaFlex lugs and knobs will be manufactured by Dempo Services, led by Sanjay Dempo, brother-in-law of Manoj Ganesh. Mr. Dempo (below, sitting) is very excited to be making lugs and knobs for RumbaFlex. "I have been making lugs and knobs for over a month, now," said Dempo. "My lugs are all very excellent, and most of my knobs are, too."

Chokes and probes will be manufactured by Ambuj Industries, led by president, Depak Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor (above, right) has been making chokes and probes for nearly a year, and they are excellent. "I'm very excited to be making chokes and probes for RumbaFlex," said Kapoor, who is Manoj Ganesh's brother-in-law. " So are my friends Rohit and Raju."

Voonik Inc. will be producing a wide variety of sacks and wedges for RumbaFlex. Voonik Inc. is one of India's newest sack and wedge companies, and is known for producing some of the finest sacks and wedges in the world. Voonik president and CEO, Raqhav Nagpal (above, center), who is the brother-in-law of Manoj Ganesh, said, "I am very excited to be making sacks and wedges for RumbaFlex," said Nagpal. "Very, very excited."