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...Exceeding All Expectations of Excellence

Human Resources

People at RumbaFlex Helping Other People be Better Employees and People!

New Employees

Denise Calhoun

Distribution Specialist

We are very excited to welcome Denise to the RumbaFlex family! She comes to us after 16 years at Arby's, and a couple of years painting houses. Denise is very enthusiastic about "working with people, and helping people!" She has a lot of experience distributing things, including things at Arby's, and at her uncle's house. Her goal is to "distribute things at RumbaFlex, and work with people!" If you see Denise in the halls, or in a parking lot, be sure to say, "Hi, Denise!"

Gus Yoder

Associate Fleet Director

"You'll never meet anybody as enthusiastic as Gus!" That's what everybody says about Gus Yoder. After spending six years in the textbook resale business, Gus started a small fleet business in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He loved it. "I loved it," Gus said, at Denny's. "And that's why I love being a fleet director." Gus can't start work until next February, but he's already been thinking of some great fleet ideas. "I've got some great ones!" he said.

Carl Bomkamp

Assistant Nurse, Chesterfield Sales Branch

Carl Bomkamp grew up in Colby, Kansas, working at his father's deli, spending most his days slicing and sorting cured meats. "It taught me a lot," he said. When he decided to pursue a nursing career, he quickly decided that homeschooling was his best choice. "I just feel more comfortable teaching myself," he said, at Denny's. "Plus, I could wear anything I wanted." Chesterfield already reports "fewer injuries" now that Carl is on the job.

Eunice Hines

Administrative Assistant, Louisville Wholesale

Eunice Hines comes to RumbaFlex with almost two years experience in the dairy industry. Before that she spent over a decade as tax-reform activist in Shreveport, Louisiana. We're happy, now, to have her as an administrative assistant in our Louisville Pipe & Clamp Branch. It's a wholesale office, so her limp won't matter at all.

Janice Hartman

Dust Control Manager, Yankton Assembly

Looking at Janice Hartman, you might not think she would make a good dust control manager, but she is. Janice has been working in the dust control/executive security business for over six years. Most recently, she worked for LipCo, a discount swimwear outlet near Chugwater, Wyoming. "Dust is a bigger problem than most people think," she said, at Denny's. "It gets everywhere." In her new position at our Yankton plant, Janice will personally be operating enormous flexible suckers that can suck up to 99% of the dust off almost anything. "I can't wait!" she said, at Denny's.

Doris O'Neal

Accounts Receivable

Doris is great at accounts receivable. "Any accounts that are receivable, I'll go out and get them." Doris used to receive accounts for the Indian Gaming Association, in Little Rock, Arkansas. After the Indian Gaming Association merged with Burger King, Doris left the industry to spend more time with her dead brother's children, and also to garden some. We're glad she came back to the accounts receivable industry, especially with RumbaFlex!

Jesse Gibbs-Moody

3rd-Shift Line Cook, Sandusky Tool & Die Plant

Jesse Gibbs-Moody has been a food service expert ever since the second grade. "I had a lemonade stand that also sold mustard. Nobody else was doing that." From then, Jesse's career in food innovation has taken him to three countries, and to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Asked what kind of creative food dishes he plans to bring to the Sandusky Tool & Die Plant, Jesse is cagey. "Just wait and see. All I can say is bring a lot of spoons!"

HR News!

New coozies are here!

HR is very excited to announce that we have printed a lot more coozies. They're foam, and purple, with the picture of the Austin loading dock on them. If you want one, or more than one, please contact Joy Lukhardt, at extension 473. She has them.

More Snickers in Fresno!

We're listening! We heard you when you said you wanted more bins of Snickers candy bars in the Fresno break room. So we did it. There are now three bins of Snickers in each vending machine in the break room of the Fresno parts center. So tell Vince to shut up.