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...Exceeding All Expectations of Excellence

Household Products

Moist-Matic Portable Capacitor Boot

Model #CSF2030

Makes dispensing lotion-based capacitor damping easy and pain free!


  • Dual jets for complete coverage
  • Six chamois "spreader" pads for soft, smooth application
  • Reservoir caddy for annoying run-off
  • Super quiet "Whisper-Wipe" system cleans up without out the shudder, whiplash, or abrasion 

DynaShake 600 Super-Robust Dual Damper Pods

Model #DFO2846

High volume combined with speed and accuracy for unmatched performance and excellence!


  • Each DynaShake canister holds up to 12 lbs.
  • 18hp Briggs and Stratton two-stroke engine
  • Universal suction with minimal recoil
  • Chin guard included

The RotoPlunge Personal "Biscuit"

Model #22-09E5

Say goodbye to awkward probes and irritating bristles with this lusty pod!


  • New! Rubber-coated valves for less pinching
  • Twice the suction!
  • Uses steam instead of cumbersome shims and sacks

Lunch Box

Model #832766-5c

Keeps sandwiches, chips, cupcakes, and bacon fresh in one convenient assembly! Or potato salad!


  • Meat crisper keeps deli slices chilled and robust
  • "Auto-Steam" action keeps breads and cakes moist with the pull of a lever
  • Handy zip-loc pouches are sorted by weight without crushing any fruits or loaves
  • High-intensity halogen lighting makes it easy to see every part of your lunch
  • Stainless steel casters make it a breeze to roll your lunch box down down crowded school hallways. parking lots, or gymnasium floors!

Eco-Bud Angstrom Salivator

Model #4823-LL3

Never again worry about underarm or thigh abrasions during booster phase


  • 2000 psi compression for effortless probing
  • Three-stage filter provides customizable "lip" action
  • Super-smooth straps for easy grinding
  • Lubricants and handles! 

Tedz II Reciprocating Booster

Model #2765-RS

The latest in our acclaimed Tedz line of universal boosters, the Tedz II puts more torque on the mounts and dampers, making spongy edges a thing of the past!


  • It's fun! And also innovative!
  • Super moist double-buffed shaft seals for whisper-smooth reciprocation
  • New! Custom-fit rotary dampers mean you can recline up to 60 degrees without painful thigh clamps
  • Finally! 8-way, reversible-jaw slide hammers!
  • Free canvas tote and fridge magnet with every purchase!

Mr. Zesto Countertop Sponge Caddy

Model #4359h-45

Store up to 8,000 sponges in this sleek, high-capacity, easy-to-use countertop sponge caddy.

  • Access up to 20 sponges simultaneously, or four groups of five sponges, or no sponges, or more!
  • Accommodates all sizes and colors of sponges in seven different languages
  • Retractable handles for easy portability unless you don't want to move it
  • Sponges can be removed and replaced through the same opening! Also does not have wheels!

Nugget Stamper

Model #R832-dfg

Stamps nuggets into compact easy-to-store loaves!

  • Excellent stamping action
  • Quality construction with superior construction for excellent stamping action
  • Clamps to solid surfaces for precision stamping action
  • Comes with free latex sash