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Healthcare Products

Tru-Clamp Do-It-Yourself Dental Braces

Product #594-00T

All-new Tru-Clamp Do-It-Yourself Dental Braces restore that million-dollar smile in half the time of conventional braces!


  • New Tork-Matic mechanism delivers up to 600psi

  • Fully adjustable and rust resistant
  • Precision bolts can be tightened with conventional monkey wrench
  • Fits most mouth sizes!

Shin-tastic Portable Shin Massager

Product #84F-378j

After a long hard day, squeeze and tug the stress away with this shinsational portable shin massager!


  • Pneumatic hand pump leaves one hand free to fine-tune shin position

  • Padded clutch assembly compresses shin with minimal bruising
  • Pressure gauge for precise torque readings as you pump your way to shinsational relaxation
  • Never needs lubricating
  • Pouch included

Slough-Matic 16hp Rotary Exfoliator

Product #933-4r

Shed years of dry, flaky skin in minutes with this powerful, portable rotary exfoliator! Not only does it give your skin a supple sheen and youthful glow, its skin-removing auger provides highly effective weight-loss benefits.

  • Adjustable speed from 200 to 6,000rpm's

  • Long extension rod lets you exfoliate those sensitive, hard-to-reach areas
  • Provides 100 times the torque of the average luffa sponge
  • EZ-Glide wheel chassis allows you to exfoliate on the go!