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Food Preparation Products

MulletMagic Insulated Mullet Tongs

Model #746t-A87

Prepare tall stacks of mullet and entertain your friends with these attractive, fully-reciprocating mullet tongs!

  • Burnished nickel tips penetrate with minimum kickback and eliminate the need for pre-brining
  • Insulated handles won't burn your hands or set anything else on fire
  • Propane heating caddy ensures that all tongs will be sizzling hot before the first mullet hits a plate
  • Dual forking action handles up to six mullets without the need for wheels or a dolly, or any big baskets
  • Set of 8 tongs is plenty for a party, tailgating, company event, or any other thing where you need 8 tongs
  • Individual tongs easily fit in your car and have a customizable "Auto-Poach" option for less confusion
  • Each set of MulletMagic tongs comes with a free pair of scissors