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...Exceeding All Expectations of Excellence

Meet the Rumbaflex Executive Leaders!

Frank Hooper

Chief Executive Officer

"I believe the best way to satisfy customers is to satisfy needs. To provide solutions. That's what RumbaFlex does. We provide solutions to all our customer needs by exceeding expectations, and consistently guaranteeing products that solve problems. If you need a product that provides consistent performance? Done! If you need a product that is reliable and innovative? Done! If you need a product that offers not only value, but also efficiency? That's done too! Because at RumbaFlex, we stand behind everything with our long history. I guarantee it!"

Houston Huff

Chief Operating Officer

"Hello. I'm Houston Huff, Chief Operating Officer of RumbaFlex. I have the greatest job in the world! I get to lead one of America's most dynamic, exciting companies, one that consistently exceeds all expectations of excellence. Our products are innovative, fresh, and completely satisfying in all the ways that meet our customers' consistent needs. I like to think that I have a small part in that success, whether it be helping with innovation, or serving coffee at one of our exciting events or celebrations. Please join me in the future, which is RumbaFlex!"

Jamie "Buzz" Shaffer

Chief Financial Officer

"When I was very young, my father used to take me rabbit hunting in the foothills of southern Illinois. We used to disguise ourselves as local farmers and repair men, and the rabbits would pay us no attention, until we shot them. This is a lesson I often use at RumbaFlex: be who you are, even when you have to act like someone else. People will respect you for it, and they won't suspect a thing."

Chet Alvarado

Senior Vice President, Sales

"I believe sales is the backbone of RumbaFlex, and that it is very important. Each day is a challenge. After all, without sales, nobody would sell anything. So that's why I keep my bowling ball in my car. Roll steady and knock over the sales records! That's what I tell myself. And it works! And I care about my customers' needs. All of them!"

Rebecca Pope

Senior Vice President, Information Technology

"Information is like water. It flows, and if you don't have it, you can't survive. But when you try to soak it up, you always miss some. And then it evaporates, and anyone has access to it, like rain, which is water. And then they drink from your water, and survive on your water, which means they have your information, like water. So when you don't have enough water, you can't water your operation, or organization, and it dries up. So information is like water."

Flynn "Flyboy" McBride

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

"Every employee is a chance to express the mission and vision of RumbaFlex. That's why I'm so proud of the RumbaFlex family of team members. Whether they're old or young, new or old, fat or not, black, white, Chinese, or any other kind of odd ethnic type, they're all special. Our Human Resource policies and procedures are designed specifically to bring out the special characteristics of each employee, and help them become like the RumbaFlex vision. Nobody at RumbaFlex is "weird," or "stupid." They're all family member of the RumbaFlex team!"

Jimbo Chang

Senior Vice President, Marketing

"Some people say RumbaFlex is 'super.' Some say it is 'outstanding.' I say they're both right. We're super outstanding! Hi! I'm Jimbo Chang!"

Clive Brimball

Senior Vice President, Distribution

"When our customers want their products, they want them NOW (me too!). That's why I believe in robust and responsive systems. If products don't arrive on time then they might as well not arrive at all. Just mash or burn them. Because I live by a simple creed: anything that's not on time or early is late. 'Distribution' is a simple word with a simple meaning: the efficient and effective transfer of goods or services from a provider or relevant supplier through safe and innovative means based on need and/or demand intended to meat that need and/or demand of the receiving customer(s) both intact and undamaged whose performance either meets or, hopefully, exceeds all expectations of excellence and anything else, too."