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...Exceeding All Expectations of Excellence

Customer Emails

At RumbaFlex, we care what you think! That's why I not only read all our mail, but I open it promptly! That's also why I will do my best not only to answer your questions and satisfy your needs, but to exceed all your expectations and be prompt and responsive! Even if I think your letter is stupid or weird, I will post it and respond to it. So, feel free to send any mail to your local RumbaFlex branch, and they will forward it to me. 

If I don't get back to you soon, it's probably because I'm busy delivering value and performance to another loyal Rumbaflex customer, or someone else. But I won't forget you, and will reply at my earliest convenience. Your input is super valuable to us!

Thank you very much!

Frank Hooper

President & CEO

Here are some of the emails we have received from loyal and super customers. Below these emails you will see Mr. Hooper's response.

Dear rumba flex,

The bushings on my Spectro-Jack have recently been smoking and emitting a kind of hammy smell. What should I do about it?"

Renee McGraw

Billings, Montana

Dear Ms. McGraw,

Nothing. That is perfectly normal.

Frank Hooper

President & CEO, RumbaFlex

Dear Frank,

My grandmother says all your products are stupid, and they don't work. Is she right?

 Brit Delchamps

Briarville, South Dakota

Dear Mr. Delchamps,

I am currently out of the office and not answering emails. As soon as I see your email, I will get back to you. In the meantime, please accept my invitation to enjoy a meal with your grandmother at your local Applebee's!

 Frank Hooper

President & CEO, RumbaFlex

Dear Mr. Rumbaflex,

Should I stick the tappet masher into the booster cleat?

Galen Lundquist III

Jasper, Ohio

Dear Mr. Lundquist III,

I would. You could stick the tappet masher into the suction flume, but then you'd have to find a way to channel the puffy discharge. If it were me, I'd stick the tappet masher into the booster cleat. Good luck!

Frank Hooper

President & CEO, RumbaFlex

Dear Mr. Hooper,

I recently bought one of your YP Silicone Interconnectors with the nylon VCO shield, and I have been very satisfied with its axial clevis. I would like to know if the axial clevis is licensed for use as a gear hobbing. The gear hobbings I have on my Geneva cam tend to wobble and "wheeze" when I get over 6000 rpm, and I think your axial clevis design would be perfect for use as a high-speed gear hobbing. Would you please tell me this?

Rahil Boguslaughski

Mustang Bend, Idaho

Dear Mr. Boguslaughski,

I agree that our axial clevis design is outstanding and fantastic. I have consulted with our legal department to see if it is licensed for use as a gear hobbing. Though as a corporation RumbaFlex has never applied for that particular license, I was assured that there is no legal reason you could not apply for that license, yourself. In fact, some of the lift drivers in that department told me they apply for all kinds of things and nobody has ever arrested them! This should end all of the wheezing in your Geneva cam. Good luck!

Frank Hooper

President & CEO, RumbaFlex

Dear Frank,

Whenever I crank up my DynoLube 1200, I get this weird feeling running up my shins. Especially on a rainy day. It's not bad. Actually, I kind of like it. It feels kind of scratchy, but also pinchy, and slappy. I'm wondering if I should be worried, or just enjoy it? Also, do you like plaid hats?

Roscoe "Spotcheck" Muller

Salisaw, Oklahoma

Dear Mr. Muller,

Thank you for being a loyal RumbaFlex customer. We no longer service the DynoLube 1200. Because of zoning regulations, and some real jerks, we had to discontinue the entire product line, including model numbers 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400, and the 2600. As for the strange sensation in our shins, it's probably unrelated to the DynoLube. Do you ever have that sensation when you're doing other things, like playing golf, or gardening? I do, so I wouldn't worry about it. Also, yes, I love plaid hats! And striped ones, too!

Frank Hooper

President & CEO, RumbaFlex 

Dear Frank,

My dog, Chester, has been trying to eat part of our dish washer. Does RumbaFlex have anything that might make Chester quit trying to eat part of our dish washer?

Julian Fleetwater

Jacksonville, Florida

Dear Julian,

Thank you for contacting us about your dog, Chester. He sounds like a lively fellow. RumbaFlex has many products that, though not specifically designed to keep dogs from eating appliances, with effectively do what you want. For instance, we have many pipes, shafts, and chains that you can use. Also, we have some very strong clamps that would probably work. And a very large hook you may want to consider.

Good luck!

Frank Hooper

President & CEO, RumbaFlex