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...Exceeding All Expectations of Excellence



Models #3846-04 thru 3846-11

RumbaFlex deluxe handles make virtually any product portable, instantly, and with no mess or fuss!

  • Attach any handle to side, top, bottom, or other place on any RumbaFlex product
  • When you grab the handle...Voila!'s portable!
  • Hold the handle and "carry" the product anywhere. See! It's portable!

DynaPate Scalp De-Creaser

Model #4568-GO4

Transforms and repairs both furrowed and disfigured scalps, and also weird scalps that have spots or dents.

  • Forced-air jets "blast" away blemishes
  • Smoothes temples and brows with aggressive "ping-pong" suction action
  • Can be table-top mounted or hooked to a sturdy cooler
  • Legal in every state except Orlando and Texas

OmniGripper Deluxe

Model #789-64r

Makes most carpet-cleaning tasks virtually "hands-free," and can be used for polishing small figurines!

  • Adjustable torque
  • No "bulges"
  • Additional clamps extend to over 70 feet
  • Lightweight aluminum won't chafe!

Lobe Sizer

Model #34i2O-5

Takes the guesswork out of lobe assessment with our patented new "Accu-Swab" boot-n-bristle system!

  • Accurately and precisely sizes up to six lobes simultaneously
  • Won't "pinch" or "bite," and is partially submersible
  • Attaches to many poles and rods, and some dowels, but not to most flumes
  • Maintenance-free for up to three weeks at a time!
  • Comes with three pre-oiled towelettes