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...Exceeding All Expectations of Excellence


The Company of Tomorrow...Today! And Beyond!

Workers apply lubricant to a new line of home security systems.

The "Line 6 Team" celebrates the arrival of some new steel, and some wood.

Foundry workers put the finishing touches on the new line of backyard pork smokers. And they're great for beef, too!

With up to three manufacturing plants

all across America, RumbaFlex is

equipped for the future. And beyond! 

     RumbaFlex is a cutting-edge, high-tech manufacturing company utilizing the latest technologies to manufacture a wide variety of the finest high-quality products. Our unique, patent-pending manufacturing process, called Rumba-Tek, maximizes both materials, size, and engineering for solutions to all our customers' needs. And more!

      We at RumbaFlex are a proud to think of ourselves as one big family, with an extremely diverse workforce of all different kinds of people. At RumbaFlex, nobody is "weird." Every one of us is a member of our community, dedicated to giving our best every day. As we like to say, "Let's give our best every day!" There are lapel buttons that say this.

      At RumbaFlex, we're excited about the future, and it shows! Exciting innovations. Exciting accessories and adhesives. Exciting solutions and belt drives. One-of-a-kind engineering focusing on gross weight and raw torque. Because we never stop!

      Today at RumbaFlex, our future is completely ahead of us! And you are too!

Skyler McBride, senior vice president of sales, and Griffin Burnett, senior vice president of distribution, discuss the use of neoprene shims.

The third-shift R&D team gets ready for another all-night "Innovation Rodeo."

Maintenance is "Job 1," especially for plumbing fixtures and coatings. Way to go maintenance!